Upcoming AAIS Changes for Ready Apprentice

As of July 1 2022 the AASN program introduced a new Incentive framework known as the Australian Apprenticeship Incentive System (AAIS). This is introduced to replace the previous framework of Australian Apprenticeship Incentive Program (AAIP). 

Please see the below changes planned for Ready Apprentice to support this update.

Existing Logic

We will be updating the existing logic for claims prediction to prevent any of the AAIP claims from predicting where the Registration Start/Recom Date is after 30/06/2022. This should help providers prevent the need to invalidate and archive claims for ineligible records.

New Claims

We will be adding additional claim codes and descriptions (Current placeholders until the Department can provide the actual claim codes that will be used in ADMS/TYIMS) to allow for the creation and eligibility letters to be created from Ready Apprentice.

This will support the below for Employers:

  • Priority Wage Subsidies 
    • 10% First & Second Year (up to $1,500 per qtr)
    • 5% Third Year (up to $750 per qtr)
    • New or Recommencing AA's Cert 3 or Higher within Priority Occupation
  • Hiring Incentive
    • $3500 (2x $1750 6 Monthly instalments)
    • For employers of new or recommencing Australian Apprentices undertaking a Certificate II or higher level qualification in an occupation that is not on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List or in a Certificate II qualification in an occupation on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List.

This will support the below for Apprentices:

  • Australian Apprentice Training Support Payment
    • $1,250 every six months over the first two years of the Australian Apprenticeship (up to $5,000 in total).
    • Direct financial assistance for Australian Apprentices undertaking a Certificate III or higher qualification in a Priority Occupation on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List to support them to complete their training.

New Contacts

We will be adding an additional contact for young apprentices aged 15 to 20 years. 

  • These will receive additional support to complete their Australian Apprenticeship. All newly commencing young Australian Apprentices will receive a follow-up call three months from commencement to ensure any issues are identified early.


Trade Support Loans will be renamed to Apprenticeship Support Loans.

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