ADMS Employer Creation

New Employers can be created in ADMS from Ready Apprentice. The data for the new employer is pushed to create a new employer at the time of pushing the Training Contract to ADMS. To begin the process, you must create a New Employer in Ready Apprentice from Employer Search > New Employer. 

When this new Employer is pushed to ADMS, details that are entered into RA will populate in ADMS. These fields include ABN, Business names, Legal Name, Postal Address, AAC Contact, Work email and Work phone.


  • The new employer must have an ABN in the Employer page to be able to be created in ADMS. This ABN must be valid otherwise any attempt to create the employer and push any associated Training Contracts will fail.

Once the New Employer is created, you can select this employer on a new training contract. 

Once Send to ADMS button is clicked, it will create the employer in ADMS if the employer doesn't exist in ADMS System and generate the TYIMS ID for the new employer in the background. The retrieved Employer ID will show in the ADMS TC Submit modal:


After pushing the Training Contract, you can see the new Employer ID by simply using the refresh command on the Training Contract's page and Employer Page.



Checking for Existing Employers:

When a new Employer is created from Ready Apprentice, the system will check for an existing Employer in the System. The check will be performed based on Employer's ABN (Exact match), Employer Legal Name (Exact or Partial Match), and Trading Name (Exact or Partial Match). If the system finds a match it will prompt the user with an error message:

As an extra layer of validation, when a Training Contract is pushed to ADMS with a new employer without a TYIMS ID, and the Employer already exists in ADMS and a Historical Employer exists in RA with the same Employer ID an error message will appear: 

The Error will also appear in the lifecycle of the Training Contract.

After this error has appeared, the User will have to edit the Contract and select the Existing Employer instead of the New Employer. To edit the Training Contract please go to TC > Edit >Setup. Then search for the existing employer.

After this press 'Use Details for Employer' to update the Training Contract.

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