Apprentice Portal - TSL Functionality

Ready Apprentice has expanded the Apprentice Portal to allow for apprentices to access the portal view all of their information related to their TSL Schedule.

This includes the below features:

  • Current TSL Schedule:
    This will display a message advising that the next TSL Instalment is due on a particular date.

  • Oustanding TSL Opt In Form:
    This will display an alert to advise that there is an outstanding TSL Smart Form.
  • Due Date: Is the date that the Smart Form needs to be returned by to receive the next schedule of Trade Support Loans.
  • Status: This is the Status of the Smart Form. Pending means that the Smart Form needs to be completed.
  • Smart Form Last Created Date: This is the date that the smart form was successfully created last.
  • Re-Generate Form: This will allow users to regenerate the smart form from the portal. This is available until the next TSL schedule has been created against the registration record within Ready Apprentice.

  • TSL Loans History:
    The TSL Loans history will provide a list of all TSL Loans with a status of Paid.

  • Contact Us:
    The contact us link, will allow Apprentices to fill in a text box with their query. This query will then be sent to an inbox that is specified in the Settings of Ready Apprentice.

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