Feature - Creating Apprentice Portal Logins from TSL Schedule

Ready Apprentice has built a feature within the system to allow for users to create an Apprentice Portal login at the point of TSL Schedule creation.

When a Trade Supprot Loan Schedule has been created against a Registration, the popup screen will advise the user if there is an existing Portal Login for this Apprentice.

If there is no Portal Login, users can tick a box that will take them to the Portal Creation scren where the user can fill out the Portal details and create the Apprentice Portal login from one area of the system.

If there is a login for the Apprentice already, the system will advise that the login already exists with the particular email address.

This has been added to increase the efficiency of portal creation at the point of TSL Schedule creation. Once this has been done, the Apprentice Portal login details can be merged onto the TSL Approval Letter to start directing Apprentices to the online portal for self service.

If you wish to have this feature enabled on your system, please let us know via a Zendesk query, or contact us directly.


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