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STRO Requests


When an SRTO Request has been pushed to the portal, this will show up in an SRTO Request tab for the RTO login. The RTO user will have the ability to view the details of the request, which will contain the same information as the SRTO form. To view the Training Contract details, click on the view button (the eye icon) and the module will pop-up with the Training Contract details.


RTO Portal users will have the ability to print out a copy of the SRTO form. To print the form, users will need to click on the Print icon to the right of the requests table. This will create a print job in the print queue.


An RTO portal user will have the ability to Accept or Reject SRTO Requests from the SRTO Request table. To action the SRTO Request, users can either view the Training Contract details, and then accept/reject, or they can click on the Action button next to the Request. When actioning the SRTO Request, the user can also add a comment which will then be captured into comments field of the SRTO Request tab of the Training Contract.

Accepted/Rejected/Returned SRTO Requests

To view SRTO Requests that have already been actioned, the RTO portal user can view the Accepted/Rejected SRTO Requests table on the portal. This will keep a history of any Requests that have been created, and the action against that request.

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