SRTO Portal - SRTO Request Dashboard

To access the SRTO Request dashboard, users will need to click on signups from the home page, and select SRTO Dashboard.

This will populate with a table containing a column for each different status on an SRTO Request.

The rows are based on the business days from when the request was created, with the bottom row being the current day and the second top being the 10th day. Once it reaches the top row, the SRTO Request hasn’t been updated for more than 10 days.

Once the Request has been updated, it will move into the corresponding column based on the status.

In the SRTO Dashboard, users will have the ability to Bulk Re-Create the SRTO requests from the Pending column. When re-creating the SRTO requests, the original request for those Training Contracts is marked as Not Actioned, and a new Pending Request is created.

Note: The SRTO Dashboard will only show SRTO Requests for Training Contracts that do not have a TYIMS Status of Approved or Rejected. The Dashboard will also only show the most recent request that is against a Training Contract. This is to provide accuracy of the most recent request, and to avoid duplicates showing in the dashboard.

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