Electronic Archiving Process

Electronic Archiving has been introduced in the Registration Advanced Search screen as a Bulk Action. This has been included in the Bulk Action for Archiving, where users will now select the type of Archive they wish to perform.

To perform the Electronic Archive, please see the below steps:

Step 1:

Go to the Registrations search to identify the Registrations that are due to be Archived by using the Archive Due Date Filter. This will give you records that have ended and have not had any action against their record for more than 12 months (Final FFS Paid, Final Incentive Paid). To find a more accurate set of results, include the filter Archived? = No. This will narrow the results down to find Registrations that are Due for Archiving where they do not have an existing Archive record.

Step 2:

The Electronic Archiving process is limited to 100 Registrations at a time due to the file size that can potentially be reached by having tens of files against each registration. So when you have your found set, you can change the page limit to display 100 records, and click the toggle all button. This will select the first 100 records in the search, allowing users to archive in Bulk.

Step 3:

Click on the Bulk Actions button at the top right hand side of the Registrations Search, and seelct Archive. This should show a popup modal in the middle of the screen, that is the same as the standard Archiving process.

Users will be able to toggle the type or archive that is being performed, ensure that the user is selecting Electronic Archive Before performing the archive task.

The Archive Box Number field will be displayed as Zip File Name allowing users to name the zip file. This name is stored against the Archive record for future tracking.

Once the remaining archive fields have been completed, users can click submit.

Step 4:

Once the process has been submitted, a Print Queue item will be created and run in the background of Ready Apprentice, allowing users to continue on with their work while the job is processing.

Note: Do not create more than 1 Archive job at a time. The process is generating a file that has potentially thousands of records in each job.

Once the process has completed, the zip file will be available to be downloaded from Ready Apprentice in the name that was specified.

Step 5:

Inside the Zip file will be individual Zip Files for each registration included in the search with the below naming convention:

File Number – Last Name, First name – Registration ID – Employer Trading Name – Provider No.zip

Each Zip File will contain all documents that were added to the Registration Documents tab and an Audit Summary.pdf.

Step 6:

Where there are more than 100 records due to be archived, ensure that users refresh the search so that the Archived records are removed and the next 100 records can be archived.


The Archive information is still stored in the Other tab of the Registration and can be reported on through the Archive search in the same way the Physical Archives are reported on.

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