Kanban - Lead Management

Ready Apprentice has introduced a Kanban style board to the Leads Management area of the system. This has been added to increase the visibility of a users workload throughout the lifecycle of a lead.

To access the Kanban board, click on Leads/Prospects - Kanban.

Once Kanban has been selected, users will be taken to their Kanban board where they can see their Leads assigned to them under their corresponding status.

Users will have the ability to drag and drop leads against their correct status once an action has been completed. For example, if contact has been made with the employer, the card can be dragged into the In Progress column, under the Contact Attempted status.

When a user clicks on a card within the Kanban Board, the Lead information will be made visible on the left hand side of the board, allowing for further information to be viewed.

Users also have the ability to multi select cards, to drag and drop them. This can be done by clicking a card, while holding the control button on your keyboard selecting multiple other cards. Once the cards are highlighted, users can drag and drop them into a status, and this will bulk update the Leads.

The numbers at the top of each column are used to represent the total number of Leads within that column, and the total number of potential signups within that column. The number of potential signups is also included on the individual Lead card.

To filter the Lead Cards available on the Kanban board users will need to click on the Add Filters dropdown and click on filter they wish to use. Once user has selected filters, click Apply. Users will have the ability to filter by the State, Assigned To, and the Status of the Leads.


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