How does the Sidebar work?

The sidebar will default to be expanded when a user is on the home page or the dashboard of Ready Apprentice. When a user accesses any other page within RA the sidebar will collapse/retract to minimise the space being used, but remain usable to users.


To expand or retract the sidebar, simply click on the Lines at the top of the sidebar on your web page.

Using the Menus:

When clicking on the menus on the left-hand side with the expanded view, the options within that menu are exposed and made available. For example, by clicking on Search, the available searches are exposed below.

By clicking on the search button again, the available searches are the collapsed.

When hovering over the icons on a retracted sidebar, the search options are exposed as a hover menu.

All sidebar/navigation menu options are available from anywhere within the system when this is turned on.

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