Apprentice Maintenance Plan (AMP)


The View AMP feature is updated to show the AMP in HTML format instead of static pdf version. Now the AMP can have any number of mentor periods and any number of contacts for a given mentoring period in the HTML view and the printed pdf form.

For confidentiality, only Admin and Mentor Users will be allowed to view, print and access already printed AMP. For all other users, the 'View AMP' button will be hidden, and they will be unable to access the AMP from the Documents Tab and lifecycle. 

Note: If you are a User who needs to be able to access the AMP, please contact an Admin to have the permissions set up. 


Steps to view and print the AMP

From the Training Contract or Registration page, go to tab Mentoring -> Periods. Click the button “View AMP”


Select one or more periods of your choice and submit to get the HTML version of AMP. 



The AMP will appear with the selected Periods with corresponding contacts and purpose.


  • For each period selected, Section 1 and Section 2 will show per period.
  • The Contacts within a period are ordered by the Due Date.
  • The Region field populates based on the Region assigned to the AAC Site of the Registration in the settings. Click here to see how AAC site's Region can be updated. 
  • The Purpose is displayed for the number of periods chosen and shown separately against the Period Name. Click here to know about adding or editing the Purpose.

Printing AMP

Click on the “Print AMP” button on the HTML page to open the pdf version.


Every time the "Print AMP" is actioned:

  • Document entry is added in Reg/TC lifecycle

  • AMP is added under Documents tab.
  • The pdf of AMP can be downloaded from lifecycle or Documents tab.

  • Note: "View AMP" action will just show the AMP.  But every time the "Print AMP" action is performed, one entry in the lifecycle tab and one in document tab is created. It saves the print version of that time with selected periods. No older printed version is replaced/overridden because of a newly printed version.






While using Chrome, after Print AMP action, the pdf file opens in the browser’s tab at the same time of saving the lifecycle entry. If that pdf file is downloaded using the pdf’s download button, it creates another entry in Lifecycle. So just to view/download the AMP doc, it is recommended to do it from the Documents tab or lifecycle after Print AMP action is done.

 The Release on December 20th, 2022 saw some improvements to formatting on the AMP. One of the most important formatting improvements is that Bullet points can now be used. They will now show with the correct formatting to create lists in AMPs.  

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