Automated Post Signup Contact

Post Signup contacts can now be sent electronically on the day the contact becomes due. From the Self Service Contact Settings, Providers have the opportunity to send the Post Signup Contacts automatically and choose the preferred method. Once the contact is sent automatically, the contact is marked as Complete.

Step 1: Update the Communication Specifier

Templates need to be updated in the communication specifier settings for Email and/or SMS. 





Note: Since Apprentice response is not required for this contact point, no Self Service Request token is required in the Email / SMS template.


Step 2: Enable Auto Post Signup Contact

In Self Service Contact Settings, Include Post Signup Contact checkbox is available. There are three methods for Post Signup Contact - Email, SMS and Email & SMS. The options are visible when there is templates in the corresponding method's Communication Specifier. 





UPDATE AS OF 1 Jan 2023: Post Signup Contacts will no longer be marked as complete automatically. They can still be sent electronically if the setup is there. The business can still choose to send Email and/or SMS for providing information to Apprentices. The process remains unchanged. But, the Contact needs to be completed manually even if Self Service Contact is sent.

When the Check box is ticked and a method is chosen, Post Signup Contact is sent on the Due date of the Contact. For example: If a post signup contact is due on 20 October 2021, and Post signup option is enabled in settings to be sent via Email, an email will be sent to the Apprentice on 20 October 2021 using the Email Template specified in the Communication Specifier.

Once the Email and/or SMS is sent based on the settings, the post Signup Contact is marked as Complete and the Apprentice Completion details is added to the Contact page where Completed By = Jobready System, Method = Self Service, Duration = 5, Time = Email/SMS sent time.




When a Post Signup Contact is marked as Complete, Contact form is uploaded in Registration > Documents tab similar to Progress Contacts.




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