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Previously, when multiple Electronic Contacts were sent out to an Apprentice for a Milestone Progress Contacts and Apprentice did not complete them, the Contact remained as pending and eventually got expired despite the attempts made from Provider's side. 

To help with this situation, a new Contact Status was introduced named Contact Attempted - Complete. When a contact was sent electronically based on the Self Service Contact settings using two different Contact Method, the contact status got updated to “Contact Attempted - Complete” after X days from the use of second method.

As of 2023, 12 month and 36 Month contacts must be completed either via phone or face-to-face (where atleast one must be face-to-face). Electronically sent self service contacts are no longer considered as attempts for 12 and 36 month contacts. Providers need to make attempts via the currently acceptable modes and need to store the attempts with or without marking the contact as Contact Attempted - Complete

Manually Adding Contact Attempts

A user can add Contact attempts and eventually mark a contact as Contact Attempted - complete manually from Contact > Actions > Mark Contact Attempted - Complete. 


The user will be shown a pop up modal to add Contact Attempt details. The Method, Date of Attempt and Comment for each attempt can be added in the modal and user can mark the Contact as Contact Attempt Complete if appropriate number of attempts were made to contact an Apprentice directly and also via Employer. Whether a Contact should be marked as Contact Attempt Complete will depend on the business decision of the providers and also the discretion of the user marking the contact as Attempt Complete.

If Apprentice Contact is complete after recording multiple attempts, the entered attempts' details will be retained in the Administration tab.

Note: No check is applied in the modal to confirm that user has met the minimum required attempts before marking the contact as Contact Attempted - Complete. 

The modal previously only had option to add two attempts as following: 

Now the Contact Modal allows up to 5 attempts to be added. 5 Attempts can be recorded for Apprentice and another 5 records can be recorded for Employer. The Apprentice and Employer Attempt sections are expandable and Collapsible. 

The options for Attempt methods can be added in from Contact Attempted Mode Settings. 



Users can also filter for the number of apprentice and employer attempts via the contacts index.

The status is available in the Contact Status filter.


The contact is marked as green in Contacts table and the history is updated in Contact Page > History tab.





Users can see the Contact Attempted Method, Date & Comment in the Contact page. Go to Contact Page > Administration Tab 

Automatically Marking Contact Attempted - Complete

In Self Service Contact Settings page, time delay option has present. As 12 month and 36 Month Contacts should no longer be marked as Contact Attempted Complete Automatically, those contacts will not be impacted by this option. 

Note: Because of the new Operational Guideline changes, the time delay option is subject to change for 24 Month Contact. 

In the following line, providers can provide a number in the time delay box.


Update Contact Status to Contact Attempted - Complete 'X' days after 
2 different contact modes have been attempted.




When at least two attempts are made using two different methods, the a Contact's status gets updated to Contact Attempted - Complete 'X' days after the attempt made with the second attempt. 

Example: If a 24 month 1 contact is sent electronically using Email 1 day after the due date and Electronic Contact 1st followup reminder is sent using SMS 5 days after the due date, and the time delay is set to 36 days, the 24 month 1 contact will get updated to Contact Attempted - Complete 36 days after the Electronic Contact 1st reminder via sms is sent. 

For another example, If the first Electronic Contact and reminder 1 are sent using Email and Reminder 2 is sent using SMS, the time delay will be counted from the Reminder 2 sent date. 

This time delay feature will give enough time to send all the reminders and allow the Apprentice to complete the Contact until the time delay time is over.


  • The time delay must be 7 days or more as per the note in the settings. 
  • If the field is blank, no Contact will get updated to Contact Attempted - Complete.
  • Out of three contact reminders, at least one should have different method for Apprentice Contact. If all three reminders have same method, the time delay feature will not work.
  • If one contact of the same milestone already has Contact Attempted - Complete Status, another Contact will not get updated automatically. 
  • Once the Contact is marked as Contact Attempted - Complete, the Electronic Contact link becomes expired and Apprentice can not complete the contact using the sent links.
  • Once Month 1 contact of a milestone period is marked as Contact Attempted-Complete, the due date of Month 2 date will become 3 month + 2 days from when the Month 1 Contact is marked as Contact Attempted - Complete. This only happens when provider has enabled this option.

Limiting Marking Contact Attempted - Complete

Admins can control which contacts can be marked as Contact Attempted Complete from AAC Preference Settings. 

Band 1 Contact AttemptWhen this check box is checked, Band 1 contact - 12 month 1 will not be allowed to be marked as Contact Attempted Complete

  • Mark as Contact Attempted options will not show in Contact > Actions dropdown. 

Limit Contact Attempted - Complete updatesWhen this check box is checked, a contact can only be marked as Contact Attempted - Complete when another contact’s status is Complete or Pending

Example: A 12 month 2 contact can be marked as Contact Attempted Complete if 12 Month 1 is either complete or Pending

  • This logic will be included in Time Delay Cron Job for 24 Month contacts only

  • Does not show Mark as Contact Attempted Complete action item in the drop down list when other contact is NOT complete or Pending

Audit Summary: Contact Attempted Data  

Once a Contact is marked as Contact Attempted Complete, the lifecycle log and audit entry will reflect this.


Contact Attempted – Complete data would now show when the Audit Summary is printed. Method 1 and Method 2 data will now be shown on the Audit. Go to Print > Audit summary  

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