"Tasks" are an optional feature, and if you wish to have it switched on, please request this feature through the support platform – Zendesk.

This feature has been introduced to:

  1. Give users a personalized feeling within Ready Apprentice.
  2. Allow us to move the existing widgets out of the way from the home screen to create space for other dashboard items
  3. Increase system usability by having these available on every page.



To set up, click on the user's profile button and select "Pending Tasks Settings".

Set up which actions you want to display, based on your role within the system. For example, if you are a mentor, you may want to have the mentor tasks switched on.

Tasks will appear under the tasks icon, with a counter of the number of tasks assigned.

Click on "Task Type" to view a list with all relevant records that are required to have an action taken against them. Once the action is completed against the record, the number on the counter decreases.


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