Claims: 3. Assigning Smart Forms

Once a claim smart form has been received, it will need to be assigned to a user for processing. This can be done both individually and in bulk.



To assign claims in bulk, users will first need to find the claims they wish to assign. From the claims search, use the following filters: Receive Through Smart Form Inbox, Claim Status - Claim Form Received, Assigned To - Nobody.

This will give users a list of received claims from the smart form inbox, with nobody assigned. This list can be filtered further down by using the other claim filters.

Once a user has the found set to be assigned to a particular user, the checkboxes can be selected to assign a sub-set of these records, or leave the checkbox blank to assign all. Click Actions - Bulk Assign from the top right hand side of the table.

Select a user to assign the claims to, and click submit. These claimsw ill now be assigned to that user.



To assign a claim to a user individually, go to the claim record. On this screen there will be an Assign To button here, this will allow users to assign this particular claim to a user.

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