BAC Registration form import

Where the BAC Registration Smart Form email is received into the Smart Form Email Inbox, the importer will identify the Training Contract associated and upload the BAC Registration PDF from the email for you.

The BAC Registration forms are successfully imported via Smart form importer which can be seen under Smart Form Notification Log page. As shown below, in the status column, success message is displayed that document has been received and shows the tracking code of Training Contract where the document has been uploaded.

Note: This is not the tracking code of the BAC Registration form. The Tracking code shown in the message is the Training Contract's Smart Form Tracking code which can be found in the BAC Registration form (the pdf that is attached to the email). 


The pdf file attached in the email is uploaded in document tab of the Training Contract page. Please note that the Document type is ‘BAC Registration’. The document can be downloaded as well.


Registration with BAC Registration forms can also be identified in the registration search page using below filter ‘Document on File = BAC Registration’.


This will assist in identifying registrations where the BAC registration has been received and the BAC claims can be created. this is an interim solution until the BAC Eligibility field is available in the TYIMS Downloads.

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