Claim Smart Form Errors


Q: Where a Claim Smart Form has failed how do I know what has caused the error?

A: Most of the time this gets caused by the Training Contract having no Site Code associated to it.

When the Smart Form from JobReady sends its request to the Smart Form system, the Network provider information is a required value that lives against the Site Code from the Training Contract.

To see the error message specific to your Smart Form, click on the "Smart Form" link from the lifecycle which will take you to the detailed section of the Print Queue. This will show you the errors returned from the Smart Form system which will help indicate what needs to be updated fix the issues.

Note: To fix the issues there should be 2 things to check:

  1. The Training Contract has a Site Code Associated. If the issue is still not fixed -
  2. Check that the Site Code in the settings of JobReady have the required values entered against it.

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