Some data is not Transferring from RA into ADMS - On Hold

The Problem:

Some of the data points in Ready Apprentice are populated, however they are not showing in the Training Contract in ADMS.  Common fields are Occupation, Schools, RTOs and other data points.

The Cause:

As Ready Apprentice and TYIMS are still integrating, the reference data that is used to populate Ready Apprentice is using the TYIMS Code Tables. As these Code Tables are now updated within ADMS, the TYIMS Code Tables are becoming outdated and some reference points are not reflected correctly within Ready Apprentice.

The Solution:

The Ready Apprentice team are currently building out a list of all reference tables from both TYIMS and Ready Apprentice to map out which of these require an update to reference ADMS.

The ETA:

Will be updated at a later time

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