Duplicate Employer Records Being Created - In Progress

The Problem

A duplicate Employer is being created in Ready Apprentice.

The Cause

Employers that have existed within the Ready Apprentice database for quite some time may be re-engaged with the provider, however this may appear as though it is a new Employer as there was no check to see if the Employer is an existing Employer.

When these new Training Contracts are being pushed to ADMS, Ready Apprentice is grabbing the Existing Employer ID from ADMS and linking this to the newly created Employer record, creating a duplicate employer with the same TYIMS ID.

This can be avoided by checking if the Employer is an existing record in your database first, however a validation will be applied moving forward.

The Solution

We are currently building the validation to ensure that there is no existing Employer for this ABN and Trading Name to help prevent duplicates being created. Additionally, we will be notifying users of existing TYIMS IDs in your database where we retrieve this from ADMS (identifying that this record could be a duplicate).


October 31st

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