Printing Eligibility Letters

Once a claim schedule has been assessed for all eligible claims, you can print out eligibility letters to the Employer and Apprentice.


From the registration, click on the New button, then select Letter.

Select the type of letter from the Letter Type menu. This will then filter the letters in the drop down to those assigned to that type. 

Select the appropriate letter from the Letter Template menu. 

The pre-set template will then be selected, here you can then add in any other details to the letter that may be required.

If you would like to preview the letter prior to creating it, click on Preview, otherwise, click on Create Letter.

Your letter has now been created ready to print.


JobReady will record the date that the eligibility letters were sent, this is important for KPI tracking.


You can follow the same process to print any letter in Ready Apprentice

Note: Letters/Letter Types are setup in Ready Apprentice by your administrator. See this section of the Administration Guide for more information.

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