Signups Overview

The Signup area of Ready Apprentice is used to enter the key details of a signup which when signed will become a training contract. This also allows you to track the status of the signup prior to it being lodged and finalised on TYIMS.

A "Signup" in Ready Apprentice is the initial step when a field officer is onboarding a new apprentice. It's like a draft stage, where key details are entered.

Consider a Signup like a pre-Training Contract. The Signup may progress to a finalized Training Contract or, at times, it may be cancelled for any number of reasons. When it's signed, it officially becomes a Training Contract.

Templates with pre-filled information about apprentices and employers are available for efficient and quick data entry during the Signup process.

In essence, a Signup is the starting point for field officers to bring new apprentices on board, facilitating a smooth transition to a formalized Training Contract.

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