Create a new Sign Up

To create a new Sign Up in JobReady Active, click on Signups in the Navigation menu, then select New Signup from the sub-menu.

Firstly, you will need to enter the key details of the Signup on the Wizard tab.

AAC Site: the site that the Training Contract will be lodged against in TYIMS.

STA Sign Up State: The State Training Authority that will be approving the Training Contract. This field is important as selecting a state here means drop down lists such as Qualification and RTO will filter only those relevant to the state selected.

Hint: to select a Qualification/Employer/RTO that already exists in JobReady Active, type in the first 3 characters of the following and you will get a drop down list to select from. This will then pre-fill in the rest of the details for you.

  • Qualification: Qualification Title, NTIS Code or Apprenticeship Name
  • Employer: TYIMS Employer ID, Legal Name, Trading Name or ABN
  • Worksite: If you have setup additional worksites for the employer, you will be able to select one of those worksites from here. If the worksite details are the same as the actual employer, click on Set Same as Employer.
  • RTO: RTO Name

Proceed through the remaining tabs by clicking on Next Section, or using the tabs at the top of the screen.

Once you have completed entering the details of the Signup, click on Create Training Contract.


Your Signup record has now been created.

Hint: You can also create a Signup directly from an employer record, see below for details

Creating a Signup from an employer record

An alternative is to create a signup directly from an employer record. Click on the Signups tab of the employer, then click on New Signup.

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