Creating a Signup Project

Signup Projects are used when you are signing up a group of apprentices, and want to manage the records as a group.


To create a Signup Project in Rea, click on Signups in the Navigation menu, then select Signup Projects from the sub-menu.

You will then be presented with a list of Signup Projects, click on New Signup Project.

Give your Signup Project a name, and also at this stage you can specify if you would like to use a Training Contract Template for this project. This means that any Signup records you create against this project will use the details from the selected Template.


E.g. you may create a Training Contract Template that has all the employer and RTO details, and then every signup created will automatically have those details pre-filled.


Once done, click on Create Signup Project.


Your Signup Project is now created.


Hint: You can also create a Signup Project directly from an employer record, see below for details


Creating a Signup Project from an employer record

An alternative is to create a signup directly from an employer record. Click on the Signup Projects tab of the employer, then click on New Signup Project.

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