Creating a new lead/prospect - From JobReady Active

To create a new lead in JobReady Active, click on Leads/Prospects in the Navigation menu, then select New Lead/Prospect.

Enter in the details of the lead, and click on Create Lead.


Note: Ensure you enter an Assigned To, as this lead will then appear in that Task List of that person.

Hint: to select an employer that already exists in JobReady Active, type in the first 3 characters of the TYIMS Employer ID, Legal Name, Trading Name or ABN and you will get a drop down list to select from. This will then pre-fill in the rest of the employer details for you.


Creating a lead from an employer record 

An alternate way to creating a Lead in JobReady Active is to create directly from the Employer record.

From the employer record, click on Actions - New Lead.

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