Signups Dashboards

Manage your signups in Ready apprentice:

Click on Signups in the Navigation Menu, a dropdown menu will appear with the following options;

  • Signup Projects - This will take users to the list of signup project page where users can signup or manage a group of apprentices.
  • Manage Templates - This will take users to the Signup Templates area where users will have the ability to create their own signup templates, and for managers to see all signup templates.
  • Duplicates - This will take users to the Duplicates page where they will be able to remove/merge duplicate training contracts based on matching criteria of training contracts.
  • KPIs - This will take users to a traffic light system KPI dashboard, where signups will fall into columns depending on their last status change based on a 10 day turn around.
  • SRTO Request Dashboard – This will take you to a traffic light system SRTO Request dashboard, where you can see the SRTO's requests date and status.

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