Dashboard Widgets

Dashboard Widgets

On the Ready Apprentice homepage, there are dashboard widgets, which display information that is important to you.


All widgets on the dashboard can be clicked to view more information.  Only the first 5 records will be shown, click on ‘Other…” to view a full list.

Available Widgets:

Below is an outline of what values constitute each widget that is available in Ready Apprentice.

  • Returned Training Contracts: Training Contracts with the sign-up status returned that are assigned to you.
  • Training Contracts In Progress: Training Contracts where you are the field officer, that are currently in progress (have a status of Pending).
  • Signup Projects In Progress: Sign Up Projects that are Open and assigned to you.
  • Assigned Leads/Prospects: Active leads that are assigned to you
  • Assigned Printed Contacts: Contacts with a status of Printed, Pending, Apprentice Complete and Employer Complete that are assigned to you.
  • Follow Up Tasks: Due tasks that are assigned to you.
  • My Registrations: Registration records where the "person file location" is assigned to you.
  • Claims Returned: Claims that have a status of "claim form returned" and have been assigned to you.
  • Claims Received: Claims with a status of "claim form received" and have been assigned to you.
  • My Mentored Apprentices: Training Contracts/Registrations with an active mentoring period where you are the assigned mentor.
  • Mentor Contacts Due: Mentoring Contacts that are assigned to you where the Due date has been reached and the contact is incomplete.
  • My Training Contracts Received: This will show your managed Training contracts received through the smart form inbox where Signup is still in progress.
  • Mentor Referrals Requiring Action: This will show the Training Contracts which have Mentoring Referrals Assigned to you and the status is in Open.
  • Mentor Contacts Pending: Mentoring contacts that have been sent out but not actioned by the apprentice.


Show and Hide Widgets:

Dashboard widgets can be moved around by clicking and dragging the widget, to display in an order that will be saved to the users preference.

Users will also have the ability for widgets to be Hidden for those widgets that may not be relevant to some users.

To hide or show a widget, press the small cross to the top right-hand side of the widget.

To show a widget that has been hidden, at the bottom of the page, click on the Arrow to the right-hand side of the "Hidden Widgets" list.

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