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At the top of every screen in Ready Apprentice, is a black tool bar. From the bar you can perform the following actions.

Ready Apprentice: click on Ready Apprentice to return to the menu.

Search Box: You can use the search box to search Ready Apprentice. Enter in an ID or name, this might be the first name/surname of the apprentice, legal/trading name of the employer or the TYIMS ID of the client/registration/training contract/employer.


Hit enter on the keyboard. If there is only one match, you will be taken straight to that record, otherwise Ready Apprentice will give you a list of record to select from.


Barcode Icon: Use the barcode icon to begin the process of scanning in barcodes.


Your Name: Click on your name, and you will be given a drop down list, this list varies depending on the type of user account you are setup with. Most users will have the following options:

  • My Profile: Access your profile, where you can update your details including password.
  • Print Queue: Access all the documents you have chosen to print.
  • Sign Out: Log out of Ready Apprentice.

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